Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Beach Time!

This past weekend I went to the beach. I didn't go all by myself though. Daddy drove me and Momma and Ruth down on Friday. Then he helped "Gren-dy" (Granddaddy) Garland work on the beach house, while Momma took me and Ruth out in the sand and the water. I played in the sand just a little and then the waves washed over my feet and it was so cold, that I ran screaming all the way back to the house. I was telling them that no one in their right mind goes to the beach in February, but Momma said that she doesn't understand me, that I should learn to speak English. On Saturday, I went back out, but only because Me-Maw brought me some friends to get into trouble with. Me-Maw and Moot (Mister) brought Lilli, "Ju-Ju" (Julia), and "Bwy-le" (Brystal). We had all sorts of fun running all over the beach and climbing on the wall. We kept making Mister take us down to the water, and we all brought buckets of water back to dump in the sand. I didn't want to get the waves to touch me at all, but I loved it when Mister dumped water all over me. In fact, he was using a big bucket to fill up everyone's little bucket, and I kept running up to him and making him spill it all over me. The only thing funnier, is when Brystal snuck up behind him and threw that really cold salt water all over his back. I sure wish Me-Maw had caught that on film. We had a good time.


Hannah Sue said...

lol who decided to call Uncle Gary "Mister"?

Dani said...

He picked that out for himself whenever Brystal was born. He's been real insistent on it, and Brystal calls him Mister, Lilli and Britt say Moot and Julia isn't calling him anything yet.