Monday, February 28, 2011

Florida Fellowship Meeting, 2011

I've done a terrible job of blogging lately. We've been on the go so much that I hardly have time to do laundry and pack again, let alone blog about all the happenings. Two weekends ago now, we were able to travel down to Vero Beach for the Florida Fellowship Meeting. There were several elders who had promised to be there, but came down with the flu and couldn't be with us, but we had a wonderful time, and heard many great sermons. Friday morning started off with Elder. Michael Gowens preaching on names, and telling us that when God gave someone a name in the Bible it had great meaning. He primarily talked about Jacob and the change that he underwent and the Lord changing his name to Isreal. He was followed by Elder J. C. Stanaland who preached about when we were overwhelmed that we should go to God in prayer. It was a wonderful start to the meeting. Friday afternoon Bro. Bobby Willis preached about the Mount of Transfiguration, and brought out some points I hadn't considered before. The Elder. Michael Gowens preached again from Joshua about the battle of Jerico and used it to tell us Four Things He Knows about Tomorrow. I especially liked that sermon. Especially since I tend to worry and fret, it was an encouraging and comforting message.
Between afternoon and night services, Britt and Joshua decided that they didn't think we were getting back to Church fast enough, so the to of them got up front with song books and sang and very animatedly beat time. Britt mostly sung the word Grace over and over at the top of his lungs, while Joshua actually sang a few songs. Of course Britt kept insisting to Joshua that every song number was actually 210, but they managed to stay on the same page, and I just kept laughing watching them. That night Bro. Marty Smith followed by Bro. Jonathan Davis and Bro. Ronald Lawrence. Bro. Marty used the second verse of Kindred in Christ to open his thoughts. Bro. Jonathan spoke from the 22nd Psalm about the suffering of Christ and made the comment that this was Christ's obituary printed 400 years plus ahead of time.
The kids were great throughout the meeting. Britt sat right next to me or in my lap most of the time, since we had services in a conference hall at the local hotel and it's harder to keep him in a chair than on a pew. Anyway, he would sing at the top of his lungs and wave his hand around. In between each song he kept asking, "I sing more?" He was always so disappointed when the song service was over. He said a loud, "A-MEN" at the end of most all the prayers and sermons. Then in between services he thought he needed to walk around and shake hands with all the old baptist. It was pretty obvious that this wasn't his first church meeting. I wanted so badly to get a picture of him and Gary together in their brown suits, but before Church Britt couldn't get still and during Church on Saturday he fell asleep. Ruth did really well. Her Aunt Manna and Me-Maw held her alot. She was happy to be spoiled. Everyone remarked about how happy she was. She didn't cry or fuss once all weekend.
On Saturday morning we heard Eld. Ronald Lawrence preach a good sermon on the open tomb. He was followed by Eld. Marty Hoskins who preached on license, liberty, and legalism. El. Jeff Paterson closed the morning with a sermon on election. He gave us his thoughts on a scripture, that I want to do a little more studying on because it was an interesting idea. Saturday afternoon Bro. Herman Griffen and Bro. J.C. Stanaland preached together, but I missed most of it, because first I had to carry Britt out for a diaper change and cup (I managed to leave it in the room), and then I had to carry Ruth out to feed her (since I left my cover in the room). Bro. Herman preached on David's last words and Bro. J.C. preached on Christ as a stone, and went to several scriptures to pull adjectives that described him as a stone. It was another good sermon. I'm waiting on the sermons from the meeting to hear the end of that one. That night the crowd was pretty small but we heard Bro. Marty Hoskins and Bro. Glen Blanchard. We stayed over in Vero and heard Bro. John Givannio from Wintergarden Church introduce and Bro. Chris preach, and enjoyed visiting with them at lunch before heading home. It was such a wonderful meeting full of fellowship and council from many preachers, and a good time visiting with members from our sister churches.

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