Saturday, March 05, 2011

I Coo-k

Last night I filled this year's quota for cooking supper. See around our house, Gary does all the cooking. He's a great cook, and what's more he loves to cook and experiment in the kitchen. Me on the other hand, I really hate cooking. Most of food doesn't turn out very good, I don't like to experiment and even when things turn out well, I can't really enjoy cooking when it means you spend a couple of hours prepping and cooking a meal that takes 20 mins to eat.

Yesterday though, I cooked supper. We had Eggplant - Chicken Parmigian. Something I've been wanting to eat for a while, and it didn't turn out too bad, it takes way to long to have very often. Not to mention you have to pan fry the eggplant and the chicken, and I really hate frying anything on the stove. Then we had Rosemary bread and Italian salsa. I wanted to make Crusty French Bread, but maybe next week, since we found someone selling fresh bread at the farmer's market this week. Gary thought the rosemary was too strong in it, but I thought it went really well with the salsa, that was the highlight of the meal. Of course after the fact Gary informed me that he doesn't like eggplant. I think we are down to only two vegetables that we both like - brocoli and green beans.
Another amusing highlight for the night was giving Britt a cup without a lid. He found more uses for that cup and the 2 Tablespoons of water that were in it than I would have imagined possible. He drank and blew bubbles in it. He proceeded to put his chicken in it, stir, declare "I coo-k", and then pull it out and eat the water logged chicken. (Have I mentioned just how strange I find the little boy to be?)

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