Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Eating while Blogging

Hello everyone, Momma has finally decided that I am old enough to blog. I won't be writing every week because we have so much to do, but I will from time to time post on Wednesdays, after all someone has to set things straight that Britt messes up on Tuesdays. Like yesterday, he failed to tell you the whole story about the beach. For example, I was having a nice time on the blanket watching everything, and Momma was trying to read her book, but she kept having to run after him, until finally she gave up and carried us all in the house. I mean come on, why was I punished for his bad behavior?

Anyway, I have more exciting news to share than that. I'm getting to eat real food. Infact, I'm eating while Momma types for me. It works great, I just tell her what I want it to say, and she types it up, just like she helps Daddy out by typing his papers. Well, I'm about ready for my afternoon nap, so I'll leave you with some video. I wasn't really sure what I thought about that rice cereal at first, but now I've decided it's just fine if that means I get to sit up at the table with everyone else at supper time.

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