Thursday, March 03, 2011

Trolling on Campus

Britt is constantly trying to pick up older women on campus. Every couple of weeks I like to pick a day when Gary only has a one hour class, and I keep the car. Sometimes we go run errands in town first, but last Wednesday we just walked with Gary toward class. Gary's classes are in the McCarty building, and out in front of McCarty is a nice grassy area surrounded by several other buildings. This is important, because I can throw down a blanket and Britt can run around and I don't have to worry about him getting into the road and getting run over. Though from time to time there is the crazy speed demon on what must be a 50 speed bike, or then again that might be exaggerating a little.
Britt, as you all know by now, loves sticks, and leaves, and dirt. I understand this to be characteristic of all little boys, but I've never seen one quiet so fascinated as he is to just sit up to an hour in one place digging and examining each leave, stick and acorn that he comes across. He came running to show me a "stick leaf acorn" or an acorn that had begun to germinate the other day. It had sent up a shoot which had produced one tiny leaf, only to be mowed up by a weed-eater. He was very excited, and carried it around in one hand while he found other sticks to bring to me.
So needless to say Britt who is delighted to explore the great outdoors loves this large grassy lawn on campus. However, this past week he did more than just examine sticks. He sat right by the sidewalk so that each and every girl that walked by he could stop and smile at. In the course of the hour that we were there LOTS of girls walked by. Three of the girls had red hair and Britt not only gave them a smile, but said "Heeeeeey" or "Hi-deeeeey" and of course all three had to stop and talk to him. Another day a girl came by and dropped a book, and Britt ran to get it and give it to her. He then thought he needed to walk along side of her, until she passed the point that he doesn't get to cross. He stood there and waved, and said, "bye-bye gurl, bye-bye."
Meanwhile, Ruth and I get a good kick out of sitting on our blanket and watching Britt roam. We almost always sit in the same place which has a sidewalk on all 4 sides which Britt knows not to cross. Out of habit I always have a book in the diaper bag, but I never get to read. I'm always worried that Britt is going to take off after someone. Since Gary's class is between 11:40 and 12:40 there are always tons of kids coming through with lunch, and of course Britt has tried to beg for "fwish fwies" (french fries) on more than one occasion. You would think we never feed the boy the way he begs for those things. It's always a really nice day though, to get out of the house, watch Britt play, and then walk around campus with Gary, and to think it's all free - well, if you don't count the tuition.

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