Tuesday, February 08, 2011

My Birthday

Now that I am officially 2 years, 2 weeks, and 2 days old, Momma said that we could end the blogging sabbatical (whatever that is) and I could come and tell everyone all about my birthday! It was a really good day. I got up and got dressed, and brushed my hair, and then brushed my teeth for about 20 minutes. Momma said I was being excessive, but since it was my birthday she wouldn't take away my toothbrush. I thought I was just being thorough.
Then I went downstairs, because Daddy made me some eggs for my birthday, I like eggs. He even let me sit and eat them in my rocker. That's when I saw my presents, so after gobbling my eggs down, I started opening my presents. Momma asked me why I couldn't wait until after she had a chance to fix her hair, but I told her that her, "Hair nice" and patted it.
I got so many nice things, I have to tell everyone thank you! My favorite gift were the cards that Aunt Maghen got for me. Momma and Daddy, and Mister and Me-maw have all been playing cards when we visit them, and they don't share with me. Well, now I have my very own set of cards. We watched the movie that Grandmother got for me, and after that she called and sung Happy Birthday to me. So, I sang for her too. After that we went and ate lunch at Chick-fil-a, I like chicken. I had lots of fun chasing the other kids and playing before and after lunch.
After lunch we headed to Me-Maw and Mister's house, where all of my cousins came to see me. We ran around and played. I especially had fun driving and crashing their pink car. Don't worry, no one got hurt, and I turned the car over several times so that "I fix it." Then after supper we had cupcakes. Mister even tried to share with Ruth, but she just grinned at him.
Everyone sung Happy Birthday to me several times, because Daddy said we sounded so bad. He said that was the last time he let an alto start a song. I laughed. We ended the night by piling up together with Me-maw in her bed. It was a great day!


Hannah Sue said...

bravo! Marvelous performance of the birthday song!

His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

Happy birthday Britt! Glad you had a great day!