Monday, February 14, 2011

6 Months with Ruth

Ruth, my sweet little girl,

Today, on Valentine's Day, you are 6 months old. We got on the bathroom scale a night or two ago, and you are nearly 16 pounds now. What a difference, from that first doctor's appointment where they readmitted you into the hospital for loosing too much weight. We definitely don't have to worry about you being too thin now.

What I do have to worry about these days is your flirty nature. You always seem to be grinning and trying to get everyone to stare at you, pick you up, and talk to you. You started laughing about two weeks ago. Momma was holding you standing in the bathroom at Me-Maw and Mister's house, and the three girls where all playing together in the bathtub, and you just watched them and kept laughing over and over. Momma is constantly saying that you have seventeen teeth in your head, she says you bite her more than eat. And boy are you complaining with those teeth and drolling alot, but when you grin, it's still that big toothless smile.

You are now sitting up really well by yourself, though you are nearly never still. You are almost always rocking back and forth or side to side, and tip yourself over often. You still prefer to suck your thumb, and you still haven't learned to fold you fingers, so you are constantly scratching up your nose. You roll over, but rarely seem inclined to go anywhere. You push yourself around the living room backwards some, but you mostly push yourself up. Sometimes we do push ups together.

Your personality is needy - just like a woman. You are always wanting to be held and cuddled. You can be grinning, smiling, and laughing one second, and then crying the next. Leaving me confused as to what just happened. You always want things done your way, even if you don't know what way that is. You light up though, always thinking that a smile will solve everything. You love to follow the flashlight. As long as Britt or I have one, you want to watch it. You even roll over to make sure it doesn't leave your sight.

You are a night owl, between you and Britt and Momma and school - I'm convinced that y'all are trying to kill me. At night you want to eat, be held, and party. You think play time is between 4 in the afternoon and 2 am. You take naps, while I'm gone to school, and rest up for a night of fun. You love to rock and roll and play with me, especially after Britt goes to bed. It's our special time. Momma refuses to bath you, she didn't like to wash Britt either. So we splash and play in the water most nights. You are getting to be a real kicker, and maybe before long you can graduate to the big tub.

You get beat up daily by your brother. You are going to have to be tough with him around. He loves to hug and pet you on the head, but it more closely resembles being tackled by a linebacker. I can tell you and Britt are already dyed in the wool Gator fans, though Momma refuses to accept this. I tell Momma often that she's the black sheep in the family, and she should just come over to the good side of the family. For a short period of time, you seem to be entertained by Britt's theatrical mood swings, but you quickly tire of him, and are ready to be held again. You both seem to enjoy the outside - Britt in the dirt, and you enjoy the fresh air.

One thing that I hope you learn is to be sweet. I'm not sure that is something I can teach you, but sweetness is a quality that I have always looked for in women, and one I think you possess. When I say sweetness what I mean is no artificial flavors, I want you to be genuine not fake. It entails being kind and gentle and understanding, a spirit or an attitude of these things that influences the way you act on a daily basis. It's important to always be able to smile in the face of problems to be trustworthy and considerate of others, and I see all of those things as being encompassed in the spirit of sweetness that I hope you will further develop over the years.

It seems like since we knew you were on your way, until now our life as a family has been a roller coaster, no job, school full time, and the daily juggling of my family and my schooling. But, all along the way the Lord has blessed us and helped us get through each day. I am thankful for little gifts I have like you and Britt and the big gifts I have like Momma. I love you, Ruth.


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Brittany said...

I was shocked when Ruth face planted and there were no tears!

Happy Valentines Day. I hope you guys enjoyed it!