Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Moos and Fwa-flies"

On Saturday, Momma and Daddy took me some place I had never been before. We went to the Florida Museum of Natural History. Momma's been saying for a while now that she wanted to carry me to see the Butterfly Rainforest Exhibit since I like "patpuls" and "fwa-flies" so very much. One of my very favorite books "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" is about how a patpul turns into a fwa-fly. However, on Saturday a new exhibit was also beginning. It was about Cattle Ranching in Florida, and the original cowboys.Unfortunately, Daddy left our camera at Memaw's house so we didn't take any pictures, but Momma helped me find some pictures online, and I picked up some papers for her to scan into the computer for pictures.
When we first arrived the first things we saw were two calves, I liked them best. I would have watched them all day, but Momma told me there were more things to see. There was a Cracker Horse there, they are very special because they almost all died, and they are only found in Florida. It was a funny color grey, pretty short, with a very short neck. It also walked or trotted funny, not like any other horse. It was interesting, but I liked the cows best. Then we saw a bunch of people who had Cracker camps set up. Apparently Cowboys in Florida are called Crackers because they primarily move their cattle with whips, so they became known as Crackers since they were always cracking their whips. There were some guys there teaching folks to rope or crack a whip, and Momma wanted to see if Daddy could still do those things, but he said there were other things to see. Inside there was another guy with a lasso and he was doing all sorts of tricks and dancing in and out of it. Every time he quit I clapped and said "Yeah!" I think he liked me.
After we looked at all of the outside stuff, we went inside to head over to the butterfly habitat. Momma wanted to walk through and look at all the science stuff, like where they were discovering butterfly DNA, and mounting specimens, and the hatchery part. She was going to slow for me though, I wanted to see the live ones. When we finally got there, there were lots and lots of butterflies, and birds inside. They had a "wawafa" (waterfall) with fish that say "fish, fish" or "be happy" depending on which one you ask, and turtles. It was so exciting. For some reason no one wanted to let me touch the butterflies or the flowers, that was super annoying. I mean how else am I suppose to explore if no one will let me touch anything. One landed on Ruth's head, but Momma blew it off before this lady could take a picture. I started getting cranky, so we went to eat some lunch and I took a nap.
After a super short nap, we went back to the Museum and I got to look at lots of pictures of cows all over Florida by Carlton Ward, Jr. and they were awesome. The three pictures above are from his Florida Frontier collection. Then I got to go into the fwa-flies house again. There one sat on Momma's shoulder for awhile, and another one landed on my pants. I did not like that at all! My favorite butterfly was the Blue Morpho, it was shiny and bright blue. Momma said it was iridescent, I guess she would know. They even had a butterfly named after Julia. It was a really exciting day though, I hope we do it again sometime.

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