Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Prayer Request

I'm adding Brother Charlie Miller to the prayer request list. He is a brother at MacClenny Church near the end of a 12 year battle with cancer. He has returned home and has a peace about him. His wife, Sis. Janice, and his family would appreciate your prayers.

Granna was carried back to the hospital today, because she was very lethargic. When they got her there they drained fluid off of her heart (the first signs of congestive heart failure). They said that it was due to the fact that she has pneumonia. They are hoping to be able to treat her and keep a close eye on her and get the pneumonia cleared up in the next few days.
*Update 11/18, Granna is in ICU because they can't get her O2 Stats up.*

Bro. Allen Cook passed away Monday evening. Please keep his dear wife Sis. Lona and their family at this time.

Finally as a bit of good news, Sis. Amanda Mizel's pregnancy is going well. She is eight weeks along, and they have given her a due date of June 29, and since she is expecting a repeat Cesarean, they expect a date around June 22.

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Owl of the Desert said...

Thinking of you all today. God bless you and lift you up.