Monday, November 29, 2010


Gary and I sometimes go down to Beef O'Brady's to watch the ballgame on Saturday (since we don't have cable). Sometimes they doing a triva game, that we play. A week or two ago, we won a free bowling pass for 4 people for 2 hours, including shoes, popcorn, and a pitcher of coke. So we decided we would go with my parents when they were down.
Daddy, Benji, Gary and I all bowled, while Mother loved on Ruth. Britt ate most of the popcorn by himself. He is seriously addicted to "cacorn". We had a really good time, and managed to play 2 games. I won the first game, first time I've ever beaten Daddy. It was probably a personal high too, but I don't even remember what I scored. My wrist didn't hold up for game two though, and that might have been a new personal low. haha.
After Britt demolished all of the popcorn, he spent most of the rest of the time sitting next to Grumps and clapping and cheering "YEAH" everytime someone rolled the ball. The most memorable moment being when Britt cheered for my gutter ball. We had a great time.

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