Saturday, November 06, 2010

Britt in Song Service

Britt is amusing to watch during Church these days. He for the most part sits on the bench and faces the front, but he's not still. Britt flips through the song book, keeps rather sporatic time, and best of all he dances in the pew. Of course, when all else fails there's always taggie or a stuffed animal in the diaper bag to chew on. The dancing cracks me up, so I had to covertly try to get a little on film last Sunday. He didn't dance much on Sunday mostly swaying and a little bouncing. Sometimes he's going to town to the point that Gary asks me if I'm raising a holy roller back there. I'm just glad that he's fairly still and seems to like the singing. You'll have to forgive me for recording during Church, but it's one of those memories that I want to save.

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