Tuesday, November 30, 2010

An Early Thanksgiving

Since we weren't coming up again until Christmas, and since Mother had some time off from school, and Daddy needed to use some of his vacation, Mother and Daddy came down to visit us the weekend before Thanksgiving. They went through Auburn and watched a basketball game with Benji, and then brought him with them.

Britt was very excited to see everyone. He went back to patting and grinning at Grumps. He would say Ahna but run, giggling every time she tried to pick him up. The real hit of the weekend was Uncle Benji though. Grumps says he's not going to bring him next time because Benjamin infringes on his time with Britt. Mother brought Britt a new book, "Tacky's Christmas" about a Tacky Penguin. Britt loves "Key-quens" so that book was a big hit, he asks for "Tack Tack" now we he wants it read, and he made Benjamin read it about a gazillion times each day. Benjamin started hiding it around the living room.

On Sunday, we went to MacClenny to Church and on the way back stopped in Lake Butler to eat lunch. The restaurant was right on the lake and there was a playground next to the lake, so after we ate we walked around and Britt played on playground. Play being a relative term, since he didn't play on the playground equipment so much as dig in the sand and laugh incessantly. After that we headed home to watch Jungle Book. Other highlights from the weekend included Britt bouncing blocks off of Uncle Benji's head. We had a really good visit and look forward to seeing them again in a few more weeks.

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