Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Smith Lake

One of the things I use to really love doing was once or twice during the summer taking a weekend to go down to my aunt's and uncle's and go out on the boat with my bestest cousin "Mag-wen." We go to Smith Lake which is got to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. There is over 500 mile of shoreline and over 21,000 acres of water. It's on land from three different counties and when they flooded the land to make it in the early 60s, they didn't finish logging it all first, so there are areas that are over 500 ft deep, with pine trees standing at the bottom. Holding all the water back is the largest earthen dam east of the Mississippi River. Back a few years ago, we made it the weekend after singing school was over since, I already had that whole week off of work. Since getting married we haven't been able to go, but this year we did.

They are so much fun to be around. Uncle Clint is the kind of guy that knows everybody! It doesn't matter where we go he runs into someone he knows. Everyone likes him. Aunt Melanie is really easy to talk to and always knows what's going on with everyone we know family or church or whoever. So, I got to catch up on the happenings. Then of course there is Maghen, who is basically like a long distance sister. The Lord cursed... I mean blessed me with three wonderful brothers, but no sisters. Maghen doesn't have any siblings, so we talk about all kinds of stuff, like sisters do I guess. So we went out on the boat and Nicholas and Benji tagged along too. I got some great footage of all of us flying around on the intertubes and swimming. Part of the advantage to U. Clint knowing everyone is that he knows people that live on the lake, so we get to jump off their two story docks, go swimming around their place, and borrow their intertubes. Way too much fun for one day.


Kelly Spezzano said...

That lake looks beautiful! I love the rock formations in the background of the lake. And I got motion sickness watching the video footage! MUST TAKE DRAMAMINE!!! lol

sweet tooth said...

i want to go next time. :) :(