Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Prayer Request

While we were in Alabama we mentioned Bro. Charles Carlton to several of you. Most everyone here in Florida has heard about the situation I'm sure. On Saturday, June 13, Bro. Charles was on the bush hog out in the pasture around the house mowing when he ran over a propane tank. He has 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his face, arms, stomach, and part of his legs. They were able to get him stabilized but his case was still critical. They had to go in and do several different kinds of skin graphs from his own skin, cadaver skin, and synthetics. Some of it didn't take right away, and they had to go back in twice more. There has been alot of concern that he might lose his fingers, but so far that hasn't been the case. To begin with he had such swelling that they were concerned that his esophagus was collapsing, and while we were away they had to do a tracheotomy. In addition to the burns he has lost a significant amount of blood that they are continuously replacing. Bro. Charles has a heart defect that he has to have cumedin, a blood thinner, for. This has meant that he has needed more blood. The most recent scare was due to bleeding. Last week they discovered that the burns were deep enough that they had caused some damage to the internal organs particular his stomach and that he was bleeding out somewhere in there. He was losing blood faster than they could replace it and it seemed like it was a matter of time. But the Lord answered prayer in such a way that no one could doubt that it was His doing. Bro. Charles has improved in the last week, and is right now not needing any blood transfusions. Please continue to pray for him.

Little James Mizel is still having therapy for Cerebral Palsy. He is now wearing a brace to help correct the hypertension in his foot/calf. The therapist things that he will be well adjusted to it in 2 weeks, and from then will see how it goes.

Jim Spezzano is still looking for a new job, they have had to close their business. I'm sure that Jim, Kelly, and little Joshua would beg an interest in your prayers.

I've added my brother back to the prayer list this week, and I'm not sure what to say other than we would appreciate prayers on his behalf.

Melissa Green, Elder Tom Green's wife, who has breast cancer had surgery while we were away. They originally did chemo to shrink the tumor. She had a double mastectomy. She was at a surgery center through Moffit and was monitored by a nurse throughout the night at a local hotel. Everything went well, but they are going to have to have one smaller less invasive surgery sometime soon, to finish getting the rest out. We were relieved to hear that she is doing well.

One last request, if you will be in prayer for us as we are going to have to be making some more decisions regarding health insurance. The last few companies that we have tried have told us one thing over the phone, taken our money and when the policy comes in has been something different. We are considering putting our money in a savings account instead to put toward health bills as they come along.

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