Sunday, March 22, 2009

Prayer Request

An update on the prayer request...

Hailey Gowens is not yet a year old, but the doctor's have decided that her heart surgery cannot wait much longer. They don't have a definate date yet, but they may do the surgery as early as April. It is now believed that she has a mitochondrial disease similar to what Nathan has.

James Mizel saw the neurologist and they believe that he may have Cerebral Palsy. Please pray that this may not be the case, but if so that Elder Jon and Sister Amanda may have peace and strength at this time.

Baby Nate Ferrel as far as I know is well.

I have heard no new news on Bro. Obey.

Heather Cunningham (Gary's sister in law) is doing well now. She has had no more blackouts and everything seems to be well with the baby. They are planning to name her Julia Rose, after Papa J. If it had been a boy they were planning on Julian Daniel after him. He was named after his grandmother Julia hence their choice in a name.

Melissa Green is 1 1/2 months through her 4 month course of chemo, and is doing pretty well. She has only had to miss one day of church so far. Please continue to pray for strength for her family and healing for Sis. Melissa.

Parker Allen is still slowly improving.

Rebecca Hutchinson has had her diagnois of MS confirmed this week. It has already gotten much worse than back in the fall when they first believed she had it. She has started treatment this week.

Rory is the 5 year old neice of Jamie and Bobbie Jo Arnold. She will be having surgery (for I believe a kidney problem). They would appreciate your prayers for such a little one.

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