Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cause and Effect...

Britt and I are settling more into a routine. In the afternoon after he eats about 3, we go and sit outside on the porch until Gary gets home. I usually sit and cross-stitch or something of the like and he sits in his bouncer or carseat and most often naps. He loves going outside and when he is moody, walking around outside in the sun with the breeze seems to settle him right down.

This week he has been more alert out on the porch. I've read that at 8 weeks he can focus up to 10 feet away, and see movement and blurs of color further away. He seems to be constantly looking around to try to see everything there is to see. This week he started really talking to the animals hanging from his bouncer and smiling at them when they move. I think somewhere in his little mind he has begun figuring out cause and effect. Then again maybe not, but I like to think so. After all the way he looks at me sometimes I'm sure he knows exactly what I'm telling him. Or maybe I'm really going crazy cooped up here with no "intelligent conversation."

Anyway, back to the bouncer. He kicked and saw that it made the animals move, when they stopped he kicked again. Before long he figured out the harder he kicked the more they moved. Of course when I saw how much of a kick he got out of it I helped him out a bit and got the animals to really shaking and he would just grin and kick non-stop. I thought that Grandmother and Mother would at least want to see it, so I filmed a little bit. Though when I whipped out the camera he got stingy with those big pretty smiles.

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~*Hannah*~ said...

it was really cute until it got to the elephant jk, very cute!!!!