Monday, March 30, 2009

Afternoon at the Beach

Matthew has spent this week with us, since he is on his Spring Break. Yesterday afternoon we spent a little time down at the beach. I really didn't want to carry Britt until he could at least sit up in the sand, but I didn't want to not carry Matthew to the beach while he was here. So, we went for a little bit.

Britt really likes to stand most of the time. He can manage about 30 seconds on average now. He is constantly pushing up in our laps, on the table, against the couch, or down on the floor. So when we got out to the sand I stood him up on it. He quicly started trying to get on his tip toes and when that didn't work, he pulled one foot up, and eventually both feet up. He didn't want any part of the sand. Granted it was pretty windy and a bit cool, but he wanted no part of the beach. I don't blame him I don't care for that salt and sand and stuff.

He did have a pretty cute little outfit that his Uncle Matthew bought for him.


sweet tooth said...

I wish I could go to the beach Hannah, olvia and her sister summer went monday.

Dani said...

Don't worry. Me and Kelsey and some of the others have been talking about planning to go sometime this summer. Me and Gary can play chaperone and we can go one Saturday or Sunday afternoon.