Saturday, September 15, 2007

Our First Company, and other news

Last night, we had company over for dinner for the first time. I was so excited to break out the china, also for the first time, and get all set up for dinner!

So after a three day, after work cleaning spree, we had Brother Joe and Sister Elin over. Gary grilled us all steak (hey, if you have company over you have an excuse to live large, haha), Sis. Elin insisted on helping us make salads, I fixed some potatoes, and a fast peach cobbler. Bro. Joe offered a sweet prayer for dinner, and we took our time eating and visiting. We got so caught up that I didn't take but two pictures the whole night, and it was midnight before they headed home.

Gary and I have been so blessed to have Bro. Joe and Sis. Elin in our lives. Gary has known Bro. Joe forever (he use to live in Florida), and he was in our wedding. This was their last weekend in Florida before returning back to Indiana to stay. Bro. Joe had found a job down here and we were all hopeful that they might be able to live here, but the courts ruled that they couldn't move Makayla. I really enjoy spending time with them, and we will miss them greatly. I'm sure that the Church in Fort Wayne, will be happy to have them back again. We pray that Bro. Joe finds a good job, and that we get to see and visit them.

On another note, since so many have been asking, Brother Buddy is doing well. They plan to let him out of the hospital today. Last weekend Bro. Buddy had some blood blisters in his mouth, and Sunday morning when he got up there was blood in his urine, so he decided he probably needed to go to the hospital. He was in the emergency room all day Sunday, being checked into a room about 4 pm. He had a virus and his blood cells went a little crazy killing platelets along with the virus. Instead of having them normal 150,000 platelets he had 8,000. By the time they got the steriods into his system it was down to 5,000. He has been slowing feeling better over the week, the only bad day he had was Thursday, when they had his medicine messed up. The doctors said on Thursday that he was basically over the virus and that now his platelet count would go up. Best senario it would be a 5 to 7 day thing meaning he would be out Friday, today, or Sunday, worst senario he would be out in 10-14 days which would be between next Wednesday and Saturday. The doctors explained that his platelet counts would just spike all of a sudden and go back to where the should be, and yesterday the did. We are excited because he will be able to preach tomorrow. I'm glad that he's feeling better and I'm sure Sis. Tina and the kids really are.


strem said...

It sounds like you had a nice night together... and the dining room set with the china is beautiful!

So thankful to hear of Brother Buddy's improvement. Praise God!

strem said...

I've missed both of you. What's going on?