Friday, October 19, 2007

Plugged in Again... Well Almost

Through a series of unfortunate events (namely Brody eating our laptop power cord, the desktop refusing to admit there is an internet, and a lack of funds) we have been without the internet and ya'll for roughly a month. However a power cord is on its way here and we now have a phone that will power the internet and make calls for less that internet service and a cheap phone would have cost us.

In that length of time lots has happened. I have a new job, the North Florida Fellowship Meeting has come and gone (as well as several other meetings), Bro. Buddy has bought (and sold) a house, we have had several more friends over for dinner, two of the sisters have hosted our monthly tuesday luncheon, and something pretending to be fall has arrived. Perhaps I will have the chance to be catching you up soon on life in Florida.

However on Monday Gary and I, his parents, and an aunt and uncle will be flying up to pack up and move down Bro. Buddy and his family. So please pray for a smooth trip, and most of all be praying for Bro. Buddy. His platlet count has dropped again lately. While it is still in the normal range the stress of moving will not be good for him.


jsarber said...

I'm afraid that we do not know each other personally. I'm Jeremy Sarber, pastor of Pilgrim's Rest Church in Northern Indiana. I have been filling in at Fort Wayne Church a bit recently. I gather from your posts that you attend the church where Elder Buddy is now pastoring?

strem said...

Because of various commitments, I won't be able to come over to Fort Wayne when you're there. But, do know that I'll be praying for the entire group that's helping with the move, Brother Buddy and all of the Abernathy family, and you in your new job. I've missed you!

Dani said...

J--Yes, I am now living in Florida and have been a member of Little Union for about 3 months. Seems like I have seen you around maybe on Strem's blog or maybe myspace. Stop by anytime you like!

M--I have missed you most among my blogger buddies. Thank you for your prayers and I promise we will catch up soon!

Queen B said...

Glad you are back! I was beginning to worry about ya! I look forward to seeing you soon!