Thursday, September 13, 2007

War Eagle I don't think so!

Yes I know it has been five days since the Auburn and South Florida game. But I wanted to take my time to fully examine the game last Saturday night. First the background story Danielle and myself left Saturday morning to drive seven hours up to the game. I tried to tell her on the way up that South Florida had a chance to win but she would not listen. As we were driving up we kept seeing Auburn and South Florida flags flying in the cars and I would blow my horn when I seen a South Florida fan. So we meet up with Danielle's family to go to the game and they even tried to get me to wear a orange and blue shirt but I did not let them to sway my conviction. Instead I wore my Green South Florida polo shirt and I was even nice enough not to wear my Gator hat. So we get down to the university and we park. I am getting excited but its only 6 o clock and the game don't start till eight. So we have to watch the Tiger walk and it was cool they had the band playing and the masses were all waiting for the players to walk by and they did. The only problem we had going to the game was that we had no tickets. So about an hour before the game Brother Rick was able to find seven tickets all right beside each other. For twenty bucks a piece. Which was great but also bad because they had to listen to my cheering for the Bulls. Granted to the fact that there is not a another green shirt with in another 100 feet from me. So the game finally gets started after waiting so long and the Bulls start the scoring off with a touchdown. Which is great and the defense of the Bulls is holding Auburn to very little yardage so far. Auburn comes back and scores a field goal which was pretty good for the kicker because he had no time to prepare. We then get another touchdown and now it is 14 to 3 and the fans in the stadium are pretty much quiet. But the Bulls cannot keep the tiggers from scoring and they allow them to score a touch down. By the end of the half Auburn is ahead 17 to 14. At the start of the third period South Florida was able pick up three fumbles and one interception but to no avail because our kicker missed two field goals and two field goals block. By the fourth quarter our kicker finally made a field goal to tie the game. By the end of regulations the two teams were tied 20 to 20. Auburn was first to go in overtime and the Bulls held to to a field goal. Now South Florida has a chance to win all they have to do is score a touch down to win. They rush the ball and get a first down. It gets to third down and about six yards when the Bulls go into a spread out offense with four wide receivers and Matt Grothe hits Jessie Hester for the winning touchdown. Now during this whole over time the fans are standing up and cheering their heads off But after the touchdown pass the whole stadium goes quite. Living in Florida I have seen some quite times in my life when a small hurricane eye went over our house the outside went completely calm and quite but that doesn't even compare to the type of silence that I heard that night after the Bulls Beat the Auburn tiggers. I have one quote I want to bring up and it was made by my darlin wife the non believer.

" Well dear, I wore your shirt to support your little team today, after all we are going next weekend to watch my team whop up on your even littler team. haha.When you wake up from your nap and delusions of winning stop dancing around in your brain, then get back with all of our bloggers on real expectations for next weekend"

I want to say one little thing GO BULLS!!!!!!


strem said...

Hilarious, Gary. Why did you hold back in not wearing the hat? Would Dani have done that for you? :)

Dani said...

Actually Dani wears a gator shirt for him while he won't even look at the beautiful burnt orange and navy blue stuff.