Saturday, September 01, 2007

College Football

Yes finally it is here College Football. I know what took so long right! And if you don't know me I am a Huge Gator fan! Yes the National Champions not only Football but Basketball a well. But I will move on. Its great once again to get up and watch ten different college games and cheer for your favorite teams. Mine go as follow University Of Florida, South Florida Bulls, UCF, Miami, Florida State, and the SEC conference. Next weekend we are heading up to Auburn to watch them play against South Florida. I can't wait for the game to see if my Bulls and Auburn play. Now I know the Tigers should win but let me give a few reasons why they should have some trouble with the Bulls.

1. First the returning Quarterback for South Florida Matt Grothe is dangerous on the ground and deadly in the air. Last year as a Freshman quarterback and took the Bulls to a 9-4 record. He rushed for 800 yards and passed for 2500 yards.

2. Last year the bulls were lacking in rushing with injures. This year they have four backs that can take charge and relieve Matt from having to carry the whole load.

3. Third the Bulls have nine returning starters for the Bulls defense. They are not as big as you would like but they have excellent play makers and a great secondary.

4. Last the receiving corp for the the Bulls will surprise you they have speed and toughness that can revival any secondary in college football.

I can't wait to see who will win!!


Dani said...

Well dear, I wore your shirt to support your little team today, after all we are going next weekend to watch my team whop up on your even littler team. haha.

When you wake up from you nap and delusions of winning stop dancing around in your brain, then get back with all of our bloggers on real expectations for next weekend.

String Bean said...

Well Gary I"m glad to see that she is finally come to her senses ad chose the real football champs!
First she will be wearing a Gator Shirt then next she will be decked out in orange and blue every weekend! :)
Go Gators!

strem said...

Glad your season is finally here! (And, I'm glad my eyes can now take a break from reading that post.) :)

Owl of the Desert said...

Yeah for college football! I'm excited too!