Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Story about Fishing: When Ruth Caught Her First Fish

I caught my first fish by myself.  It was a baby.  I called it Spotty.  Daddy didn't tell me what the first fish was.  It was super little, so we letted it go.  My second fish was a bluegill.  It was fun catching the bluegill.  It pulled my fishing rod alot, so Daddy helped me a little on it.  It was super strong, but the baby one was kinda weak.  It was so fun catching those two fish last night, but they were both too small to keep.  I named my bluegill Flippy, cause it flipped alot.  And we letted it go because it was too small, but it was fun seeing it.   Britt took pictures of me and Daddy.  It was fun and super exciting.  It wasn't fun to watch Daddy trying to kiss a fish though.  I think it's kinda gross to kiss a fish.  I can't wait to catch another fish.  It will be fun-tastic.   Fishing is fun.

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