Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Ultimate Battle for the Skeleton T-Rex

A long time ago in a far away land, there was these bad guys and good guys that were always fighting over the Skeleton T-Rex.  So there came a day that there was a battle to see who would keep the Skeleton T-Rex.  For three days they all practiced for the battle.  One team was the Alpha, Whispering Death, and a Triceratops controlling the Skeleton T-Rex.  Then came Bad Toothless, which was the real Toothless (black dragon) with a controller on him that was camouflaged in his armor to join the bad guys.  Then the Super Team came.  But the Super Team couldn't do as well, because the Leader had to fight against his dad the Skeleton T-Rex.  They knew they needed help so they got all the Transformers and superheros they could and together they thought they made a team that would be impossible to beat.  Heatwave powered up and used energon on the Skeleton T-Rex, but before he could grab him, he was shot.  Chase shot his lava gun.  But the Skeleton TRex bone wouldn't burn.  He used his super roar, and Chase tumbled back.  Boom.  Captain America rode as fast as he could, jumped off his motorcycle and threw his shield.  At the last minute the Skeleton T-Rex dodged it.  Optimus Prime knew the weakness was to tip over the Skeleton TRex.  He had done it once before.  So, he rolled out, transformed into a robot, and jumped on his head.  He slid over him and down his back, but grabbed his spine, but before he could do anything he was slung off.  Toothless (the red dragon) flew at his head, but couldn't get close.  Optimus Jr went for the Alpha but he was bammed back.  Yoshi rode all over the T-Rex but Skeletor knocked him off the T-Rex before he could do any damage.  Superman crashed into the Skeleton T-Rex, but just bounced off.  So Sideswipe in car mode rode up, but he fell in the secret dungeon.  He was stuck and captured.  Bumblebee flew, but he didn't realize there was a boulder in the cannon, and his wing was knocked clean off.  He knew Britt would have to repair it after the battle.  The Leader, jumped right on the Skeleton T-Rex, and made him go down, but as he fell he smacked the leader, and he was boomed off.  His helmet got stuck in the Skeleton T-Rex's mouth.  He activated the recall on it, and it barely got loose to come back.  Then Optimus jumped at his head, and managed to pull him over.  Sideswipe was crashing out of the dungeon but Optimus caught him and saved him.  He was ok.  But during that time he got back up thanks to the Alpha's help.  So Bucky went right after him, but turns out one of the guys grabbed his glider and jumped on Bucky grabbing his steering wheel, and steering him right into Apatosaurus.  He soared back, mission accomplished.  Iron Man flew in, but Skeletor knocked on of his engines in his leg off and he crashed.  Sea Monster used his super steps to climb up, but he boomed him off with his lazer.  Toothless (the red dragon) and Triceratops crashed together.  Iron Man blasted Triceratops's tail off, killing him.  The Amazing Spider Man, wrapped up the Skeleton T-Rex's claws and feet, so he couldn't move.  Leonardo broke Skeletor's staff, but Skeletor scratched him, and hurt him really bad.  Donatello carried him back to Bucky to bed.  Joey jumped right at Skeleton T-Rex, but he chomped down and the Leader's son was hurt.  It seemed like only the mighty could win.  So the Leader of the super team, Toothless (the red dragon) and Optimus ran at him really angry.  Optimus jumped on the tail and hung on tight.  He was swung up to the head.  Toothless head butted him in the middle, and the Leader Roared with a Super Roar and down he fell.  This time Optimus tied his neck to the ground.  So he was defeated, and they all lived happily ever after.

Made by Britt.

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