Tuesday, September 01, 2015

"We Didn't Lose Everything"

Britt of all of our children most understands what has happened.  He was very much looking forward to another baby, and frequently requests 10 brothers, and 10 more sisters.  He is always informed that we won't be having that many more children.  Since he is busy enjoying cousins.  I thought I would share a very special conversation we had last night as he was about to go to bed.

Britt:  Is your chest sore, Momma?
Momma: Yes.
Britt:  Why?
Momma:  Well, what do babies drink after they are born?
Britt: Milk.
Momma:  Well, what do you think happens if they don't drink the milk?
Britt: I guess it gets full.
Momma:  That's why I'm sore.
Britt: Because we don't have our baby, because Abigail died.
Momma: Yes.
(a quiet moment)
Britt:  Momma, I wish our baby hadn't died.  I wanted to teach her stuff like all about how to be good and about superheros.  I think Ruth would have taught her all about dress up stuff, and Rebecca would have wanted to play with her.  But now we can't do any of those things.
Momma:  No we can't.
Britt:  But you still have me and Ruth and Rebecca.
Momma:  Yes I do, Britty boy.
Britt:  We didn't lose everything.
Momma: No we didn't.
Britt:  I love you, Momma.  It's going to be ok.
Momma: I love you too, sweet boy.

Then there were lots of hugs and kisses before he hopped up and headed off to bed with Lilli in his tent fort under the dining room table.

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Stanalands said...

From the mouths of babes!