Monday, September 07, 2015

Menard Park

Last week, in Florida, we had a field trip to Menard Park.  Momma spotted a giant gopher turtle and ran to catch it, so that we could examine him.  We looked at his claws, and the spiky places up and down his arms and legs that make him such a good digger.  We looked at his hard shell, he even pulled his head in once and showed us how he protected himself.  We saw that he had no teeth, just a sharp beak like a triceratops.  After we told him bye, and let him go he headed off for the woods, and turtles aren't slow like people say, he was moving fast.  After that we played on the playground a little before we went and explored the sand hills.  A long time ago Mosiac or somebody dug all the phosphate out there, and left behind big sand hills and deep holes.  Now there are big oak trees and ponds everywhere.  We threw rocks in the ponds that were covered solid in algae and watched how it broke up, and changed.  We ran all along the paths and saw some raccoon prints.  But the best part was seeing where all the rain had washed the sand out from under the trees, so we could see and climb around in the exposed roots.  It was so much fun to see the roots, some trees had more roots than branches, some trees looked about the same.  A tree on top is about the same on bottom.  It was great fun with my cousins.

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