Thursday, September 03, 2015

Back with Family

9-1, Rebecca pushing Ruth at Menard Park.

We have been back in Florida for a week now.  It's our first trip down in just over a year, and while we've seen some of the family when they have visited us, others we haven't seen. It's been fun to watch Rebecca with everyone.  She has really taken to her Aunt Joan and Aunt Heather.  She has slept with Aunt Joan every night since we got here.  Aunt Heather has been taken into the play tent, and to play games at Chucky Cheese, she's been her buddy.  Memaw on the other hand, she held out with for the longest time, and finally one day when me and Gary were in town, Memaw got on her good side by bribing her with ginger cookies.
9-2, Rebecca with Aunt Heather at Chucky Cheese.
9-2, Rebecca and Julia playing.

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