Thursday, December 06, 2012

Making Ornaments

Back several years ago, when I was still working at Michaels.  I picked up some glass ornaments that were left after Christmas.  We use to do all kinds of crafts with these things in the store.  I've made some as Christmas presents over the years.  They make really nice unique ornaments.  No two ever turn out the same way.  I've had several in the Christmas boxes since way back when, intending to make some for myself, but I've just never gotten around to it.
You can put almost anything inside these - garland, tinsel, bells, etc.  This first set I made by filling them with beads.  I think at Michaels we usually used the seed beads, because they are so small and look so nice.  I mostly had bigger beads, so I did two red/green/white mixed, one layered red and green to create stripes (though seeing how often we move, I doubt it stays that way long term), and another with white, and several shades of blue mixed.  The last one that I made was of silver and gold beads of various sizes, but mostly very small beads.  It was pretty heavy, so I actually had glue the top to keep it from pulling loose and falling off the tree.  I think it looks the best though.
The next set I did the way I usually do them with paint.  I really like this best, because you can swirl the colors around and each one turns out really different looking.  I've done some with red and green together, but you have to be careful with those or the paint mixes too much, and you end up with brown ornaments.  I like the way that the blue and white swirls and mixes best.  I also tried out some gold and silver paint in one with glitter this time.  To dress them up a little I used Glitter dots on the gold and silver ornament  They look like little silver jewels, in different shapes, I had gotten some of the diamond and triangle shaped ones back in the day.  Also for the blue and white ornaments I got used a pack of rub-ons that I had.    Two of the ornaments have 3 snowmen spaced around them a man, a woman, and a child.  The other ornament has a band of snowflakes all around the middle.
I think they turned out really nicely, and I'm glad that I finally got around to decorating them.  Now I just need to get around to actually decorating that gingerbread man ornament that I hang on the tree every year, and every year Britt wants to know why he doesn't have a face and buttons.


His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

I love them. I've done the paint ones before and enjoyed them too. Never even thought about putting beads in them. Cool idea. I think I'm going to do this for teacher gifts this year.

Dani said...

If you don't want to actually fill them with beads, you can always use a clear glue and pour some beads in and swirl around, so that you only get them on the glass. That will make them lighter, and we did that too. I think we used the modge podge glue for that, because it's fairly thin, and dries clear.