Monday, December 03, 2012

Decorating the House...

So we've been decorating here at the house over the last week.  On Thursday we brought in and decorated the Christmas tree.  Over the weekend, I laid out the stockings and the other inside decorations.  Britt has been anxious to bake cookies to put in the snow man dish.  He's been asking if it's Christmas time daily, and is having trouble understanding the difference in Christmas time/season and Christmas day.  Ruth wants to know where her picture is, and I have been meaning to take her first Christmas picture and put in a frame, so I guess I'll have to do that soon.
 I've done some crafting over the weekend too.  Over the summer my brother, Matthew and I went through a bunch of stuff he had boxed up.  I got a ton of crafting stuff that he decided he didn't want to hang on to any more.  Stuff from Michaels that he got when the store went out of business, stuff from Hobby Lobby on clearance, or just some stuff that he got on a good employee discount.  I got a ton of cross stitch, some beading stuff to add to what I already had, and several projects for Christmas crafting.  I already had some ornaments that I had been meaning to do something with from my Michaels days, but just had never got around to it.  So I set up the piece above for the table, and added some battery operated lights to the wreath.  I also made some ornaments, but that's a post for another day.
 Tonight, Gary started hanging the outside Christmas lights.  I used the garland that I have used in the past to go up the stairs and around the fireplace to go around the door this year.  It doesn't lay quite right, and the wind has pulled it loose a few times, but I like the way it looks around the door, it just needs some lights in it.

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