Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Well, the kids are finally off to bed, and what a day it's been.  We did manage to make our ornaments, and when the last of the paint dries some of them will be wrapped up for presents.  We made cookies, that I think have a little too much brown sugar in them, but the kids didn't complain.  After supper we opened presents.   Bro. Joe and Sis. Elin got the kids some books.  Bro. Ralph and Sis. Sue got Britt a Thomas the Train DVD set, and Ruth got a vacuum cleaner.  The vacuum cleaner was a huge hit, especially comical seeing as they both run screaming when you fire up the real one.  Britt begged and begged Ruth to let him help vacuum, so she did share a little.  Their big gift was from Ahna and Grumps.  Rather than them getting it back at Thanksgiving, and us trying to get it back home in the car, they had it shipped to us.  It was a play table/kitchen.  It has an interactive feature for all the food stuff they got from my brothers, so tonight the kids were having a ball cooking and discovering all the neat stuff it would do.  It was alot of fun to watch them.

I love Christmas time: the lights and sparkle, and the way the kids see it all with such wonder.  I love the opportunity to hear Gary read the kids bible stories, and explain to them how God loved us so much, that He sent His son here.  Even though it's cold and we rush from place to place, it's the chance to try to slow down and savor the little moments with the kids each day.  It meant so much to have this special, intimate time with our little family today.  To have that down time with lots of cuddling and talking with the kids.  Britt summed it up perfectly when he looked at me right before bedtime and said, "This was a perfect day, Momma! I love you."

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