Monday, December 24, 2012

32 Weeks with Baby #3

Today marks 32 weeks, and Britt tagged along with me to my doctor's appointment this morning.  He was pretty put out with me last time when I left him at home with Ruth and Daddy.  He was a regular chatter box while we were there, telling the nurses the names of their "doctor tools" and explaining to them that he got a doctor tool box for Christmas.
12-24, 32 Weeks
They asked how the trip to Iowa went this past week, and I told them the drive out wasn't so bad, though I was a bit sore and tired by the time we got there.  It was the drive back that was really tiring.  Being in the car for two whole days with the roads like they were didn't make for a fun ride.  I'm honestly dreading the trip to Florida and back.  If we hadn't already made plans to be there, I would rethink traveling that far.  I wish we could break the trip up more.  But in order to get there in time for some interviews that Gary has scheduled, we are going to have to do the 1200 mile trip to two days.
Other than that they told me that I'm sick and a little on the dehydrated side.  It's tough to remember to drink enough water when we are traveling.  She said that I'm not sick enough to stay home or be worried, but to up my water intake on the way down and back, to avoid more contractions.  Additionally I finally got around to taking the glucose test today.  I wasn't going to take it because I've had no red flags thus far to need it, and it's a really expensive test to not actually have to have it.  They wanted to do it though, and instead of the usual expensive test in the hospital, they subbed 12 oz of Mt. Dew for the 8 oz of gross stuff they usually give you (to have the same sugar content), and just did a finger prick after an hour.  My sugar was a nice 110, but  I did throw up again there at the end.  (Thank you morning sickness!)
Today is Christmas Eve, so after coming home and taking a nap we have a big day planned.  The kids are going to make some more ornaments, and bake chocolate chip cookies (because somehow Britt figured out that you are suppose to leave some out for Santa Claus).  And then after I wrap the last of the presents this afternoon, we are going to probably let them do Christmas tonight, in case we need to leave tomorrow instead of Wednesday.  Then let them do their stockings and cookies in the morning.  Merry Christmas, everyone!

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