Tuesday, November 06, 2012

My Mini-Christmas Tree

I've been waiting for Christmas for a really long time.  Almost since it ended last year.  I like Christmas trees.  I like Christmas lights.  I like Christmas songs like "Tingle Bells, Tingle Bells, ringing all they ring!"  Everytime I ask Momma she says it comes after something.  First she said it was after Julia's birthday, and that came and went in June, and then it was after we got to Indiana, but we got here and it's still not Christmastime.  Next she told me that it would be after Halloween, and after Thanksgiving.  I guess we must be getting closer.  Momma won't let me decorate though, she says it's too early.  I have asked her why everyone else has Christmas trees in their yard, and we don't.  Yesterday, on the way to the doctor's office we saw lots and lots of stores with Christmas lights, bows, and greenery up.  Even the doctor's office had a wreath on the door and greenery around the drive through.  On the way home we drove by the courthouse, and they had a big sign out that said they tree lighting ceremony would be on November 15th.  I told Momma that everyone else was doing it, why couldn't we.  Finally, she agreed to pull out my little tree from Uncle Matthew.  (I think she was bribing me too help her clean, because we had to do all sorts of stuff first.)
It's amazing just how much better this thing looks at night.
Uncle Matthew worked at Michaels and Hobby Lobby, like Momma did.  He didn't just do the regular stuff though, he also made bows, and flower arrangements, and decorated all the Christmas trees at Christmas time!  He got to keep one of the dinky little display trees, but didn't really want it.  He thought it was tacky looking.  (Momma agrees, but I don't.)  So, I got to have it.  Momma took everything off of it yesterday because the trees was a little smushed from being in a box from Alabama to Florida, and then up to Indiana. First she put all the lights back on it, then the presents and the tingle bells.  Last she took the bow apart and retied it.  We put it in mine and Ruth's window with the train tracks running around it.  Momma made it clear that it was just for looking at, and that she would turn it on at bedtime, but the first time we touch it, she's going to put it back in the box in the basement.  I keep telling Ruth not to touch it, just to look; because I want it to stay in my window a while.

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