Monday, November 05, 2012

25 Weeks with Baby #3

We've made our first major milestone.  Today we mark 25 weeks, which is the first mark for survival outside the womb.  It's good to know that at this point if the baby were to come early, with a good NICU and alot of sleepless nights our little one has a good chance to make it.  While, they still need to mature a baby has all of her organs, and all systems are in place now.  From this point on, it's a maturing game, getting the systems up to speed, and packing on the pounds to keep them warm.  Today our child has an 50% chance of fighting and making it, by next week it'll be 80%, doctors estimate each day they stay in is worth a week in the NICU at this point.
We had a good doctor's appointment this week.  I'm still hanging in there at 173 lbs.  They are a little surprised that I've not been gaining, but I'm still measuring a week ahead with my belly, so I'm good with that.  I did ask her about contractions which I've had three times over the last two weeks.  She said, it's not uncommon to notice them earlier and earlier with more pregnancies, and not to be worried unless they were painful more than uncomfortable.  That was good enough for me.  We also decided that I should go and see a Chiropractor for the pelvic pain.  She said that probably shouldn't have started for another 3 to 5 weeks, but like the contractions, sometimes the more pregnancies you have the more quickly these things happen.  She gave me two suggestions, and I'm going to try to see about getting in for that in 2 weeks.
Baby was moving plenty, it was almost a game to try to get the Doppler on her.  The heart rate was a steady 138.  The doctor let Britt turn on the Doppler  and help her hold it.  He was really excited about that.  He then asked her lots of questions about baby elephants.  I had to explain to him that she was a people doctor not an elephant doctor.  He said, but elephants can be babies too.  Dr. H thinks that the kids are too cute.  I told her that's just cause she only sees them once a month for 30 mins or so.  haha.


lydia said...

How in the world have you gained so little weight!?!?! At my last appointment, I'm only up 6 pounds. I'm not too concerned about how much I gain...I'm trying to eat healthy and exercise, but I try to be realistic about the weight.

Glad everything is going well and you look great!

Dani said...

Well, I will say, I'm pleased in my case, because I was too heavy to start with. I gained 50 lbs with Britt, and didn't get it all off. I gained 35 with Ruth, and did get all that off. I'd like to be about 130 -140 again. So, if I gain less this go around, hopefully it'll be easier to get it all off. I will say with Britt I ate better than the next two, and it means you typically gain more. Some moms get the added benefit of losing while BFing but for me I didn't start losing any until after we quit BFing. (Other than that initial baby weight and fluid.)