Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My First Haircut

I got my first haircut last Friday.  Memaw and Ahna have been telling Momma that I needed a haircut forever now.  Momma didn't want to do it.  She wanted to let my bangs grow out to pull them up.  Daddy and Britt went for their haircuts and at the last minute Momma decided to take me along.  Cousin Heather cut Daddy's hair first, and then it was my turn.  I was very still and serious.  I would turn my head and pose so she could cut it all over.  Momma said I was so good, I didn't cry once, and I got a sucker.  Britt's turn was next and he wimpered and cried the whole time and Momma had to hold him.  I sat all by myself like a big girl.  When we were done, everyone said I looked so pretty. The best part is no matter if my hair is up or down it's not in my eyes!

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