Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Aunt Melanie's Dogs

Sunday afternoon we went over to Aunt Melanie's house to play and visit.  We got to talk to the turtle which was very exciting.  I kept asking him what was his name and he wouldn't tell me, so Britt named him Joey too.  Ahna said he had to pick a new name, but we never thought of anything.  The best part was playing with the dogs.  Aunt Melanie has two dogs a Sophie is a little dog and Callie is a big dog.

We liked Callie alot.  At first I wasn't sure of her she was so big, but she was really calm and gentle too.  We laid and watched tv together, and played in the floor.  Callie gave us some kisses too.  Sophie was crazy running around with us, but Callie was just cuddly. Momma asked us if we wanted a big dog like Callie, sometimes Britt would say yes and sometimes he would say no, but I always said, "YES!"

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