Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My First Steps

Momma says I have gone from her little baby to a toddler in the last month. She says that I'm talking alot more and starting to walk. The truth is that I've been talking for ages she's just starting to recognize a few words here and there. In fact, I often try to repeat back words she says to me, and sometimes I don't just try, but succeed. In addition to mama and dadada, I now say "Ju-Ju" for Julia who is my favorite cousin, and cup, and bye-bye, and "hao" for hello.

The big news of course, is that I have finally decided to try to walk some on my own. Last week I started standing from a sit and standing and squatting to get things I couldn't reach. Momma said if she had known what a motivator Oreos and chocolate chip cookies could be, she might have tried it sooner. Yesterday, I managed 8 steps before falling down, I haven't managed quite as many today, and sometimes Britt in his excitement that I am standing and trying to walk knocks me down with hugs, but I keep trucking away. I hope to have a new skill to show off when we go up to Alabama in a few more weeks.

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