Sunday, September 04, 2011

Moved Again...

Sorry that we've been MIA so much lately. It's been a busy summer, that is quickly fading to fall.
At first, when Gary was done with classes for the summer, we just wanted to collapse and catch up on sleep, so after we carried the kids to my parents that what we did for two days. Then we had to pack up and move yet again. The kiddos stayed with my parents for almost a month. It wasn't so bad until that last week, when I didn't have much to keep me busy. I think everyone had a good time, and maybe that's something I can plan to let them do again next summer. By the time the kids came back, June was gone.
The month of July was filled with seeing the last shuttle launch, Church meetings, Ray's games, and planning for Ruth's birthday party. Here and there along the way, we had to finish up Gary's final research assistanceship/project/thingy, he presented and by the time graduation rolled around July was gone.
After graduation, August was full of days in the swimming pool, Gary working a new temporary position, attempting to find a new routine, and Ruth's birthday party. Along the way again there were many Church meetings, and alot of fellowship with the different men who have been filling in for us at Little Union, while we continue to search for a pastor.
Now that September is here I'm hoping to get back to blogging. I'm going to go back a dig out a few photos from our more memorable summer happenings, and try to be a little more dilligent about blogging this month.

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