Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My First Big Movie...

Today around 11 o'clock, Momma told me that we were going to go and see and see a movie, so I told her I would go and sit in Daddy's big chair, where I always watch movies. She told me no, that we were going to see a "Big Movie." At first I thought she meant we were going to watch "The Pig Movie" (which she says is actually called "Charlotte's Web"), but she said no that we were going to go the the movie theatre for the first time and watch "Lion King" at the Big Movies. She told me that I was going to have to wear special glasses to see the movie. So we got dressed in clothes that we could wear out of the house, and carried Ruth over to visit with Memaw and our adventure began.
First, Daddy asked me where I wanted to eat lunch Beef O' Brady's or Steak and Shake, since I didn't pick he picked. I got to eat some chicken and some of Momma's cheese off her salad, and some of Daddy's fries. Then we went to the Big Movie. Daddy got our tickets and we went inside. It was so big and pretty, I kept telling Momma how pretty everything was. I was most amazed by all the cacorn, and was so happy when Daddy said that he would get some popcorn for us to share. I told Momma I needed to go to the baffroom before the movie started so we made a trip by there, and then went in to see the big, big tv. We climbed the steps and picked out a seat. At first I wanted to stand in front of Momma, but then I decided to sit with her. I thought it was too loud at first, and kept asking Momma, "Lion King, now?" and she would reply, "No, another preview first."
Then it was time to put on my glasses and watch the movie. Momma had to put them on me a couple of times, I'm not sure why because I don't have to wear glasses at home when I watch Lion King. Anyway, I loved watching it at the big movie. I sung all the songs, and danced a little in my seat, and told Momma what parts were coming next incase she had forgotten. Daddy feel asleep and snored some. When he woke up I had drunk not only all of my cup, but most of his coke too.
After the movie was over, Momma talked to these nice ladies in front of us for a few minutes while Daddy and I walked up and down the stairs to see the whole big room. They seemed to think my singing was funny, and enjoyed sitting in front of us, much to Momma's relief. I begged Momma "gin, Momma, gin?" but she said that we would watch it again at home with Ruth. On the way home I feel asleep, it was past nap time after all and I was tired after such a busy day. I hope we get to go back real soon, and asked Momma several times tonight about the big movie, but she just says we'll see.

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