Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Final Look at the Beach

We had a really good time at the beach last week. A way better time than I expected. If you know me, you know I don't really like the sand. It gets in everything, I mean Britt even brought a pocket full home with him, and I'm sure it's still in our laundry room from all the clothes I've been washing this week. I only want to be in the water when it's really warm, what Gary refers to as a giant bathtub. I don't feel very comfortable going out too deep, because I don't swim well, and don't want to loose my balance. I'm just not a water or a beach person. I like to sit out a little bit with the kids, watch the sunset, and head home. In times past when we've been it's been a little difficult to keep the kids coralled together. Britt didn't carry for the beach for a while, and Ruth was eating as much sand as she could get into her mouth. Not relaxing in my opinion.
All of that said, this trip was a blast. Britt was cautious at first. Only going in a little bit, only going in with Momma, and making frequent trips back up to the dry sand. By Saturday he was going out up to his neck in the water, and then going a little further and jumping the waves to keep his nose above water. His favorite thing to do was to walk the length of the beach. Everyday he wanted to go look for starfish and moose. One of his favorite books is "Duck, Duck, Moose". The general story line is that Moose goes along with Duck and Other Duck South for the winter. They get to sunny Florida, and their first stop is the beach where Duck finds a shell, Other Duck finds a starfish, and Moose pretends to be a sea monster. As a result we spent all week looking for those things. We found lots of shells, we even found a few starfish, but we never found Moose.
Ruth has very little fear of the water. She wanted to be out with everyone else. She would crawl into the water, and even stand up and stand through a few waves. Unlike the bathtub, where she throws a fit if she gets water in her face, she didn't seem to mind the ocean. Over the week she got splashed several times, and even tried licking the water a few times. It never seemed to phase her that much. A couple of days, Gary dug her a hole and sat her in it to play, because she wouldn't stop bee-lining it to the water. Saturday was the best day for her because at low tide it was so shallow so far out. I think she's going to be alot like Lilli in the respect that she is fearless of water and loves the beach.
We were able to see tons of beautiful sunsets. Even days that weren't completely clear, the color of the clouds was amazing to me. God is truely the greatest artist there is. I always enjoy watching the birds, and was able to get some neat pictures of a few different ones. But the most fun thing to watch was the kids. Ruth standing in the water was priceless. Julia chasing the birds all over the beach. Britt would find shells and bring them to me to ask if they were alive. Lilli would run screaming and laughing into the water like a banshee. And, Brystal surfing like a pro. To watch their wonder and excitement was contagious. And of course, having some adult company with their Memaw and my sisters-in-law made it all the better, because after bedtime we could play cards, talk and visit, and even take a midnight swim in the ocean. It was a great week.

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