Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lithia Springs

On Saturday, Momma, Daddy, and I all rode in the car down from Gainesville to Lithia to visit the family. Daddy was very excited to be finished with school for a couple of weeks, and Momma is very excited to be about done being pregnant, and I'm just excited.

We spent a few nights with Granna and Granddaddy, where I danced to lots of bluegrass music and watched a bunch of Westerns with Granddaddy. Granna isn't doing very well, so we didn't get to play much, but I gave her some hugs so that she would feel better.

Today though, we met all my cousins down at Lithia Springs to go swimming. It was very exciting because it had been a long time since most everyone had been and us kiddos had never been.

The water was really cold there, and I didn't really like it. After alot of coaxing I walked out almost waist high with Momma, and then I went under with Daddy. It wasn't nice and warm like the pool though. Since I was so cold Memaw took pity on me and carried me back over to the one little bit of the beach that wasn't under the water. There was a nice little girl there that let us all play with her toys. She got to play with Lilli's duck so it was a fair trade.

Afterward we all came back to Memaw and Mister's house (where we are going to spend the night a few nights) and me, and Lilli, and Brystal, and Julia all ate McDonald's kid's meals since today they were on sale. Then we took long naps... well I took a long nap. It was a busy morning after all.

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