Saturday, August 21, 2010

1 Week with Ruth


Today you are one week old, and what a tiring week it has been. At your check up today you were back up in weight to 7 lbs 10 oz. When you were born you weighed 8 lbs even, on Sunday afternoon you weighed in at 7 lbs 7 oz, and then on Wednesday at your doctor's appointment you only weighed 7 lbs. The doctor was concerned because you had lost more than 10% of your birth weight and ordered us to immediately carry you back up to the hospital for 48 hours of monitoring and an IV. I was scared to death, I went in expecting a routine check up and it was anything but. Your always calm Daddy was sure that there was nothing wrong because you had just gotten a little bit of a slow start with breast feeding and everything else was good. Many prayers were offered up for you, and thankfully he was right. You have only spent two days out of the hospital since you got here, and we've spent those days at Me-maw and Mister's house, so I can't say that we have any sort of routine or semblance of normal yet.

We have learned that you don't like to sleep on your back, and that putting you on your side means better and longer sleep for everyone. You prefer your left side to the right. You also have the habit of pulling your blanket up almost completely over your head, and you get very aggravated when I move it back down and tuck it in.

You might be even more mellow than Britt. Other than the tough time they had getting an IV in your little hand, you haven't fussed much at all. Of course, most of the day you are asleep, very different from your big brother who was super alert all the time. Britt loves you, he randomly comes up to you during the day and pats you and says "baby", he goes to you when we ask him where our baby is or where's Ruth. He can't seem to give you enough hugs and kisses. Today for the first time the four of us were all in the car together and went to town. It seemed odd to have two car seats in the car and juggling more stuff. I haven't gotten use to the fact that there are four of us now.

Your Daddy and I love you very much and are so thankful that you are finally here safe, sound, and healthy.

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Hannah Sue said...

ah Britt is so sweet and Ruth is so adorable.