Sunday, May 03, 2009

Prayer Request

New for the prayer list...
My grandmother will be having heart surgery at UAB tomorrow. She has had heart palpatations for years, but back in the spring they wouldn't stop. They have decided that it is time to do something about them. They took a look at her heart back about a month ago, and also discovered a hole. They will be repairing both problems tomorrow.

My mother will be having surgery next Monday to remove a mass. She had a hysterectomy back in the fall, but they weren't able to remove everything and now a mass has grown in the area. Her doctor is hoping that this will also take care of the problems with her stomache that she's been having.

For the few older entries with updates...
Baby Hailey Gowens's heart surgery is going to be on Wednesday, May 27.

Baby James Mizel has been confirmed as having a very mild form of CP, which seems to only affect his calf muscles on the one leg. He will be getting therapy and help through a state program called Babies Can't Wait.

Baby Lilli Cunningham saw the neurosurgeon about her skull plates. From the scan they did he was able to determine than her brain still has ample room to grow. They will check it a couple of more times over time to be sure, but occasionally the soft spot will close up between 6 and 18 months with no adverse affects. We are very grateful for this good news.

Baby Nate Ferrel is getting the therapy that he has needed but that his insurance wouldn't cover through a special state program called Early Steps. His hearing test have come back with no problems, so good news all around for the little fellow.

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