Friday, May 22, 2009

4 Months Old

My baby is 4 months old today, and he's not so little anymore. I simply can't believe how much he has grown. Thanks to my handy dandy at home measurements he seems to be about 15 lbs and 25 inches. About half the time on his little tummy he can managed to get his hands under him and push his chest off the floor or he can get his knees up under him and scoot around on his nose. I bet it won't be long till he gets the hang off both at the same time and then there will be no stopping him.

He babbles at me almost constantly during the day now. He's very quiet though when Daddy calls and wants to talk to him. He makes all sorts of sounds with different combinations and is getting pretty good at mimicing simple sounds. I kept talking to him about his book the other day and he would reply "boo ca" much to my delight. Of course nothing he says has meaning to him, but it amuses us.

Speaking of amusement, if he was a flirt before he really is now. Oh son, you just melt my heart. He gets so tickled grinning at you sometimes that he quits talking and just moves his tongue around like he wants to say something, but can't because he is smiling so big. He has a real laugh now, and it sounds way better than the fake cough one he had before. I don't know what his Daddy has been teaching him, but I am sure it's nothing good. it's not all peachy though. When he's mad he'll let you know it, and with all the trips lately he has learned to express great displeasure at home when I won't hold him all day - aka the boy can scream! It's mostly good though.

We have more of a routine these days, which makes things predictable, but mighty boring. So we have spent more time outside. Especially this week with me working in the flowerbeds in the rain most days. He likes to sit on the porch and watch me and babble to the cats. Britt loves to be outside and I can see that he'll be running around back there soon. Today we fed the cows across the street. They like to eat grapefruit and Britt loves to watch them. He even tries to moo back at them. He is just growing so fast these days.

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