Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fly Baby Fly

Today Britt flew for the first time. In order to avoid missing our flight (like yesterday) we left the house at 6, arriving at the airport 3 hrs early. Of course today we had our bags checked, went through security, and were sitting at our gate in 45 minutes. I was really surprised at how many random people were just tickled with Britt. There was a couple of New Jersey guys with funny Yankee accents that talked to him, I have no clue what they were saying but they liked him. Then there was another guy who just talked to him and loved his Auburn pacifier clip. He asked me if he was a War Eagle baby, and I said if I had anything to do with it he would, but that my husband was hoping he would be a Gator fan. He said he hoped not that he was an FSU fan, I didn't tell him that I didn't like FSU either. Ha!

Then when we actually got ready to get on the plane. I wheeled his stroller down the ramp and no sooner did I get it stopped than one of the pilots was standing out at the door and asked if he could hold Britt while I folded up the stroller. I didn't tell him that it was a one hand fold, but told him if he want to he could. He lifted him up in the air so that he was "flying" and kept saying in this silly high voice, "We're going to fly today!" I got a big kick out of it.

Then the flight attendant sat next to us and ohhed and awwed over him. I asked for some hot water to warm up his bottle, and she asked if she could hold him while I warmed it up. I told her sure if she wanted. Then he got a little fussy and she wanted to know if it was ok to stand up with him and I said sure. Then she asked if she could walk with him and I said it's not like you can go anywhere, so sure. She brought him back in a bit and asked if the bottle was warm enough yet, and I said yes and she seemed kinda sad to give him back. Before we got off the plane she took a picture for us.

Then when we got off both pilots were there. The one from before said, "I thought you were never going to get off." I loaded him up in his stroller and the other one said, "You didn't get a picture of him in the cockpit." I laughed and told him that I wouldn't want him to be flying the plane. He replied, "Well he might one day." They played and talked to him while I got his stuff in the stroller. I can see the flight attendant playing with him, but the two pilots I was really shocked.

Britt was great on the plane. He didn't cry of fuss at all, and he was even awake the whole time.


Owl of the Desert said...

That is so funny. I'm so glad he was great for you on the plane. And, I just love that picture of the two of you.

Kelly Spezzano said...

I love that you put him in an airplane outfit to go on the plane! Now that's accessorizing! haha

Dani said...

I have to confess I didn't even think about that, till someone pointed it out to me on the plane. I picked it out because it's his best looking sleeper to go home to see Ahna and Grumps in.

sweet tooth said...

Hes going to be a plite now! jk LOL!.... :)

sweet tooth said...

The pilot wanted to hold him! hes going to be famous!