Sunday, April 19, 2009

3rd Sunday

Before we left for Church, Ahna and Grumps brought out an Easter basket for Britt. Mother asked if he was getting one last week and I told her no that he was too little, and I didn't want to have a bunch of candy that I would just eat in the house. She asked if she could get him a couple of things and put them in a basket. I told her that if she wanted to that she could. He got two Easter books. In my family any holiday is an excuse to get more books (much to Gary's chagrin). He also got some foot and wrist rattlers, which he played with a while tonight. The best part though was a pair of baby sunglasses. Mother left the tags on them to see if he would actually wear them and he did. We decided that he looks about like Minnie Pearl with that tag on them.
Third Sunday we went to Crossroads, my old home church. It was great to see everyone, and if there hadn't been such bad weather it would have been great to visit with a few more members who weren't able to come. Brother Randy was blessed with a great sermon. After church was the first time that Uncle Nicholas got to see Britt. He quickly decided Britt was boring because he paid more attention to Uncle Benji than he did Nicholas. Later he said that he would be Britt's favorite uncle because he was the richest. I informed him that when they finished building his house (they broke ground last week) that Britt and I would be coming up for an extended vacation then, and Nicholas could spend money on him!
We had a great day!

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Anonymous said...

Britt, I loved your WAR EAGLE picture!! I can't wait to teach you to say WAR EAGLE. I remember your Mommie, and your Uncles, Ben, Matt and Nick, when we taught them to be War Eagle fans.
I believe Aunt Melanie and Auntie Maghen thinks you are pretty special too.
Love you,