Monday, April 20, 2009

Auntie and Uncle Hoyt

Today we went to visit some of the extended family that really wanted to see Britt. Our first stop was Auntie and (prounced Aunie) Uncle Hoyt. Auntie is Granddaddy's older sister, and she really wanted us to bring Britt by so we visited a few hours and had lunch with them today. Britt sat and played with them for a few minutes before letting out a scream unlike any he has before. He had been up for about 4 hrs, and had just managed to go to sleep for about 30 mins or so in the car when we stopped. He woke up when we got him out. Grandmother got him to sleep after I changed him, and he slept while we all ate lunch and talked.After we ate, he woke up just long enough for Auntie to rock him and hold him before we had to go. Next we stopped by Aunt Ellarea's house and saw her and Lloyd. She is Grandmother's sister-in-law and her son. They just had a fit over him. Aunt Rea sat in the floor with him and they just played and talked. The only down point was they got into playing so much that I forgot to take some pictures. Maybe next time we are home. We spent so much time with these folk that we didn't make it by to see Uncle Junior or Aunt Ruby (who would be Britt's great-great-great Aunt). Hopefully we can the next visit.

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