Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Cypress Gardens

Before leaving on our grand and long vacation. Gary and I went some place interesting which he has been after me to blog about. Where you ask? Cypress Gardens.
First, I have to relate to you the adventure of how we managed to get tickets. Cypress Gardens is known to be realitively uncrowded and unbusy for a theme park, so in an attempt to get people hooked and booster their sales, they sent out to each household in the area, two passes. One for free entry into the park, and one for half off. However, my husband is a Cunningham, there was no way that we were both going to go for $30 when we could both go for free. That's right, he was shocked to discover that people were throwing away these wonderful free passes, and raided the garbage can on a couple of nights to obtain more, 13 more to be precise. We couldn't even give away, let alone use all of those passes.
It came down to the last possible day that we could use the passes, Sunday, June 8, so Gary and I along with Justin and Jared loaded up to go, all using free passes of course. We had a ball in the water part, and Jared loved the bunny. I was impressed with their gardens.
Then we found out that we could go back on the same ticket for within the next week for free, so on Saturday, June 14, Gary and I went back again. We spent most of the day there, to my great regret the next day as I was one tired lady. However, we not only checked out the water stuff, but also the other gardens, and rides. As we were getting ready to leave for the night, a guy walked up and gave us free Randy Owens tickets.
I was so excited. I always wanted to see Alabama in concert, but was never able to. It was great other than one of his new songs, he sung all Alabama stuff. It was like hearing the group, except no harmony.

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Kelly Spezzano said...

Very Cool Outing. I wish I had gotten back with you all in time to let you know we would go. That's what I get for procrastinating! :)

I didn't know that Randy Owens was allowed to sing Alabama songs without the rest of the group... I do like Alabama a lot!