Saturday, July 08, 2017

Letter to My Wife

I love you honey.

I try to show you everyday even through I fail often to be a better husband.  You always seem to think that you are a burden or a cause for distress.  But you are my greatest blessing in life.  You are a godly mother and a great wife to us.  When I was looking for a wife I had certain standards or qualities that I was looking for.  I wanted someone who loved the Lord and his church as much as I did.  I wanted someone who knew what she believed and understood the scriptures.  I wanted someone who is kind and sweet.  I wanted someone who needed to be in church not just going because your father told you to. I wanted someone who turned me on, who I passionately love and want.  Honey you meet and exceed these qualities  I am so blessed to have such a loving and Godly wife.  I love you more now than Ten and half years ago when we first met.


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