Monday, July 24, 2017

2 Months with Katherine


Today, though it hardly seems possible, you are two months old.  Or at least you will be in 12 hours, but I don't think we'll make you wait till your birth minute for your happy birthdays.  You are such a content baby.  You fuss very little and only in the evenings.  You love to be held, and even though your brother and sisters are back, I try to make as much time for cuddling as possible.  You really love the swing, and anytime you are fussy in the evenings and nothing else will help, we put you in there.  Some nights you sleep in the swing.  You don't mind riding in the car,and usually fall asleep pretty quickly.  You seem to like the vibration.  You like baths, and you really love to have your hair washed and then brushed.  I brush it every morning, just to watch you move your head around and grin like it's the best feeling in the world.  You also like to lay on the changing pad, and look at yourself in the mirror while I change you.  Sometimes you look from your reflection to mine, as if trying to figure out who those people are.

7-24, Happy 2 Months, Baby Doll!
You still don't have much of a routine.  Most nights you are sleeping through the night.  If you go down too early for the night you wake up to eat in the early morning hours.  But for the most part we are getting you down between 10 and midnight and you are staying down till somewhere between 6:30 and 8:30.  In the mornings, you still eat and go back to sleep, but you are usually up for the day around 10.  You don't usually eat again till noon or 1, and then sleep until mid-afternoon.  Sometimes you go back to sleep a little bit, and sometimes you stay awake till you eat again.  But you are always awake from about 5ish till bedtime.

I'm a little concerned already as to whether or not I'm producing enough for you to eat.  In the evenings in particular, you are more fussy, and often seem to be on and off eating for the rest of the night.  But you never seem to be particularly satisfied.  You had gained weight at your 1 month appointment, and grown 2.5 inches.  I'll be curious to see how you've grown on Friday at your doctor's appointment.  I have packed up the newborn onesies this past week, and some of the 0-3 month sleepers.  I'm starting to use the 0-6, sleeping gowns on you, because even though you seem to be very long, you aren't that wide, so you just seem to swim in the bigger sleepers.

You have the biggest smile in the world, it seems to take up your entire face, and you coo at us alot these days.  You still grunt quite a bit too, but I'm still waiting to hear that first laugh.  You smile most, when we sing to you.  And you seem to find your siblings funny faces and voices amusing, because you smile for them alot.  They are all convinced you are trying to say "hi" back to them.   They will lean over and say hi, and giggle and talk to you, and you coo back with a sound that almost sounds like an "i".

You had two other firsts this month.  You had your first beach trip to Anna Maria Island.  You mostly napped, but seemed to like the water.  I guess it was just like a giant bathtub, but with us to hold you.  You also, went to your first Rays game this past weekend.  Everyone complimented, your "retro" onesie.  You didn't nurse well while we were there, every noise had you turning and looking around.  You seemed really interested in all the sounds and lights though.

You really detest laying on your stomach, and you still aren't a fan of laying flat on your back.  We have propped up the cradle mattress by putting blankets with all of you kids, but we also have a crib wedge from Sis. Lydia that we are using with you.  Otherwise, you won't stay in your crib for your afternoon naps.  The only time that you will lay in the floor is when I get out a few of your toys and let your siblings play with them by you.  Even then you will only lay on your back not your stomach, and then only to watch them for a short time.  So, as you might have guessed, you aren't rolling over any yet, because you won't spend anytime laying down to practice it. ha!

But that's just fine, since it's a very real possibility that you will be our last baby, I'm content to baby you for a while yet.  No, rush for you to start racing through milestones.  Rebecca was insistent on doing everything as early as possible, you don't have to follow her lead in that.  Even though you seem to fit so perfectly into our lives, as if you've always been here, the newness hasn't worn off.  You are adored and loved by everyone in this family.

I love you,

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