Saturday, July 08, 2017


We had a wonderful day today.  Bro. Mark Quarrels was blessed with a really amazing sermon.  Kate slept through the entire thing, so I got to focus and take notes.  Gary and I had a great visit over lunch with two of my favorite people Bro. Randy and Sis. Paula, no matter what we are talking about I never fail to feel better about life after being around them, and they are always good for laugh.  We also got to visit with the Quarrels over lunch.  We then took the kids over to the Lakeland Fun Center between services.  A lot of the other families went, so we got to visit with more of our Church family, and other Church friends from Sister Churches that we don't get to see too often.

The best part was tonight though by far.  Though it is always a somber service, I came especially full of thanksgiving, because of the blessing of Kate.  For the first time in my life though I've seen both of the ordinances of the Church in one service.  We had two join the Church this morning.  And we were able to see Brother Chris baptize them, and then straight away enter into communion service.  Which was really joyful.  But then, for the first time I sat in communion with my daughter and I was surprised just how moving it was.  Ruth's first time, was last month while she was in Alabama.  We had talked about the service before, and she's seen it many times.  But getting to wash feet with her tonight, was unexpectedly emotional.  And it made me think of the times I've been privileged to wash feet with my Mother, and I wondered if it struck her like this.

Here was this sweet little girl, that what seems like a very short time ago I was holding in Tampa General.  A tiny, very round, helpless baby with dark hair.  This little girl who has grown from being able to do nothing on her own, to a girl who more than any child I've ever met is selfless and giving, who tonight was washing my feet.  After I washed her feet I told her that I loved her.  That I thank God He gave her to us, that I get to be her Momma.  That I'm thankful for her sweetheart, for her giving spirit.  I'm thankful that she loves the Lord, that she chose to follow Him.  That I hope she always choose to follow Him.  It was really beautiful service tonight, and my heart is just overflowing.

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