Monday, May 02, 2016

Spring Ball

Today was Britt's final game, and Ruth had her last game, last Monday.  It has been alot of fun to watch the kids play ball this year.  Even though they have posted a few times about playing I wanted to write and share some videos from their final games.

Ruth started off the season, enjoying batting but not really caring to run and not attempting to field the ball.  She has complained endlessly all season about not liking the long socks or the tight pants.  She won't leave her shirt tucked in.  And she doesn't like pony tails, but does want her hair pushed through the hole in the back of her hat.  She is so particular about things.  However, by the end of the season, she was running more and said that batting and running the bases were her favorite parts.  She is trying to field the ball, and actually throws halfway accurately for t-ball.  I hope she will want to play again next year, she and Rebecca could be on a t-ball team together.

Britt though has been the most fun to watch.  He played rookie ball this year, which is basically just like regular baseball with the exception that it is coach pitch so they get 5 pitches no balls or strikes called.  Britt's attention span still wanders a lot when he plays any position but catcher.  But his throwing has improved drastically this year.  In some ways his batting is worse than last year, but over the course of the season, he has improved a lot in his stance and in tracking the pitch.  He loves baseball.  He loves his team, he loves the sport, he likes watching other games on tv.  It has been most fun to see his enthusiasm for the sport.  He is so sad that the season is over, and wants to know why it has to be so short.

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